Boredom slapping you? Shoo it away with some awesome games by me!

THESE ARE ONLY MY GAMES WHICH ARE ORIGINAL AND TOOK A LOT OF EFFORT! There are also remixes of games and games which were easily programmed!

Warriors Wolves: The Game

Warrior Cats are now Warrior Wolves! Look around WindClan, wander around the outside world, and defend your clan! It only takes destiny and StarClan's eye!

Creative Characters Camp: The Game

Stroll the Creative Characters Campsite and preform various activities! Fun memories of Scratch's 2014 online Summer event!

Animal Jam Adventure In Egypt

Stroll the village of the Sahara Desert and slip through disasters from the pyramid!

Animal Jam Jamaa Disaster

The Evil Drawing is destroying Jamaa with its ponies and Rickrolls! Help save Jamaa in this epic RPG project!